Nostr Plebs ToS


Refunds may be provided at our discretion. All payments are final.

Suspension of identifiers

An identifier may get suspended if it violates one of the following:

  1. No impersonation. You may not use identifiers to impersonate anyone.
  2. No vulgar, racist or offensive usernames.
  3. No namesquatting. Names found to be owned for the sole purpose of reselling will be suspended and a refund will be issued at our discretion.
  4. No spam, harassment or similar. While we cannot ban you from Nostr for this, we will revoke your identifier.

We reserve the right to suspend accounts at any time with or without notice.
If you think someone is in suspension of these policies please contact us through live chat.
When a suspension happens (except for namesquatting, at our discretion), the user will not be refunded.

If you have been suspended previously, you may not use our services unless we authorize you to do so. Any IDs in violation of this policy will be suspended.