Nostr Plebs Features and Services

✨ What features does Nostr Plebs offer?

🤔 Comparison to other providers

NostrPlebs NostrVerified Alby Bitcoin Nostr
Other Services Nests
Vanity URL
LN address ✅ Forward ✅ Wallet
Domains 5 1 1 1 1
Instant ❌ 48h
Live Support
Credibility ✅ 5/5 🟨 3/5 🟧 2/5 ❌ 0/5 🟥 1/5
Fee 12.5k sat Free Free Free Free

Credibility calculation Credibility has 6 tiers: ✅ 🟩 🟨 🟧 🟥 ❌
The criteria are as follows:

📔 What are Basic and Premium Tiers?

At this time, there are no differences between basic tier domains and premium tier domains. In the future Nostr Plebs will distinguish between these domains by providing a higher tier of services for the premium domains. Examples of these are not limited to, but may include, relay write access and relay data allotment. i.e. a member may get a higher amount of free events per month than a users. Whenever premium tier services and features launch, users will be given ample notice.

⌛ Coming soon...

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