Nostr Plebs News

🎁 Raising funds for Nostr development

January 8, 2023 - To support the people that make clients and relays for Nostr and the people that help provide infrastructure across the Nostr ecosystem, Nostr Plebs donated 50% of all of our revenue over a 24 hour period. This resulted in us being able to successfully raise a total of 532,000 sats. We hope to drive another fund raising campaign for Nostr development in the future.

🤝 Nostr Plebs partners with Snort to launch NIP-05 ID in-app registrations.

January 13, 2023 - New and current users of the popular Snort web client for Nostr will now be able to register their very own NIP-05 ID by utilizing the Nostr Plebs API. New users will be given the option to register their ID as part of the new on-boarding process and current users will be shown a new Buy icon when viewing their profile. This helps Snort users to become easily identifiable across Nostr while streamlining the whole process for Snort users via a few simple steps, all while never leaving the Snort web client.

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