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Get a Nostr address

📛 What is Nostr addresses (NIP-05) for Nostr?

It's a human readable identifier for your public key. It makes finding your profile on Nostr easier. It makes identifying your account easier. A NIP-05 ID also provides you with a shiny verified checkmark!

✅ Why get an identifier on Nostr Plebs?

Nostr Plebs is a Nostr address (NIP-05) and Nostr services provider built by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners. Nostr Plebs instantly groups your profile among other users, allowing new Nostr users to easily find you and make you identifiable. Go to our directory to find people to follow.

Besides NIP-05 ID registration, Nostr Plebs offers members Lightning Address support, an email address, and a relay with more planned features to come.

We also have a comparison of all NIP-05 providers.

⚡️ How much does it cost?

Currently, the prices are as follows:

Some special names may have an increased price.

📖 How to get a NIP-05 identifier with Nostr Plebs?

Register your NIP-05 identifier through our registration portal. There you may choose between three different domains for your NIP-05 ID:

Upon ID selection, you will be prompted to pay for your ID with a Lightning invoice. Once registered and paid, you may manage your ID and other Nostr Plebs services via our management portal.

❓ How do I get support?

You may use the chat button in the bottom right corner to chat with us. You may also browse our knowledge base for answers to frequently asked questions.

nostr: @derekross.me / @semisol.dev
twitter: @derekmross / @Semisol_Public / @NostrPlebs